What does my
puppy come with?
Your new puppy has been cared for lovingly his or her entire life. You can be assured that he has not
experienced any trauma or deprivation, but only the best care we are able to provide. He has had his first set of
puppy vaccinations and several de-wormings. He has been treated monthly for fleas and ticks. He has been
handled daily and frequently given attention and treats. He has never been caged.

Your new puppy will come to you with a booklet containing his vaccination, de-worming, and medical records. It
will have her birth date and everything necessary for your veterinarian to continue her care. Your puppy will be
microchipped prior to going home and you will receive the booklet with instructions on registering her in your
name. This is very important to follow through on, as microchips help many lost dogs get home again.

We do temperament testing (at 7 weeks of age) prior to having you choose your puppy to help match you up
with a puppy that will be a good fit for your family. We test for sociability, level of timidity/boldness, fear of loud
noises, level of dominance, natural trust level, and we check for any blemishes such as underbite or hernia. We
also point out any traits we notice in each puppy, such as high levels of playfulness, intelligence, chewing, or
barking that stand out.

Your puppy will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. If, for convenience's sake, you choose to leave your
pup here past 9 weeks of age, we charge $10 per day board.

We, at Echo Hills Ranch, are committed to being available to you as a resource as long as your new puppy lives.
We are willing and able to help with advice regarding puppy training, dog food, medical care, or any other issue
that might come up. If, at some point, you need to rehome your dog, please contact us first, as we often have
families waiting for adult dogs and we are always willing to take our dogs back.

contact us at any time.