This litter belongs to our 19 year old
daughter, Rebekah, who attends
Arizona Western College. When you
place a deposit or final payment (on
this litter only) please do it from this
page so it goes directly to her college
Click here to place a deposit of $500.

Click here to pay the final balance of $700.
Schnoodles are fun, intelligent
little dogs. They get their comical
personality from the Schnauzer
and intelligence and train-ability
from the Poodle. Schnoodles are
completely non-shedding and
great for people with allergies.
They are intelligent, loyal,
wonderful little dogs...and this
litter is absolutely adorable!
These pups have been very well socialized and get plenty of love and handling right from birth. Our puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.
Rabadash is our beloved
Schnauzer boy. Everyone
loves him for his kind
gentle nature. He weighs
24 lbs.
Viola is outgoing and bold.
She adores her person and is
extremely loyal and loving.
She weighs 17 lbs.
These puppies above are from her last
litter. We put their pics up so you can
see what the new litter will look like in
just a few weeks.
Viola has a beautiful litter of
Schnoodles born July 19, 2017.

She has 7 puppies...all girls!

3 girls are still available...most
likely the white ones but we
won't know for sure until after
everyone chooses their pup at
7 weeks of age.
The black pups will have black noses.
The brown pups will have brown (self
colored) noses.
2 of the white pups will have black noses
and 2 will have pink noses.
3 girls above, 4 more girls below.