Tornado is the wonderful momma. She
is very social, outgoing, and loves
These pups are from a previous litter.
We put their pics up so you can see
what the new litter will look like in just
a few weeks.
Schnoodles are fun,
intelligent little dogs. They
get their comical
personality from the
Schnauzer and intelligence
and train-ability from the
Poodle. They do have a
little terrier attitude at
times too. Schnoodles are
completely non-shedding
and great for people with
allergies. They are
intelligent, loyal, wonderful
little dogs.
Rabadash is the proud daddy! He is an intelligent guy just
loaded with personality.
Tornado has a beautiful
litter of Schnoodle puppies
born October 12, 2017.

She has 3 lovely girls.

1 of these puppies i
s still
but we won't
know which one until 7
weeks of age, when
everyone chooses their