Our therapeutic
puppy program!
In our and other's experiences, the unconditional love of a dog is of great benefit to children living with the challenges of disabilities or the ravages of disease. We have given
many pups to children in need and find it to be a wonderful experience all around. One of our Schnoodle puppies went to a delightful little girl with Cerebral Palsy...it was so
beautiful how she responded to the puppy and how the puppy somehow understood to be gentle. I grew up with a friend with CP and my mom, who raised poodles, gave her a
poodle pup...which changed her life and made it so much better. There is just something amazing about the unconditional love of a dog towards a child who really needs that. We
give many puppies to children in need, and we would love any contacts from families and friends of these children. When a parent is already overwhelmed with the costs of
treatment, transport, extra care, time off work, etc, it can be very difficult to justify purchasing a puppy, so the pups are provided at no cost to these families.
We do require 3 letters of reference, proof of a fenced yard, and a commitment that the pup will be returned to us if it doesn't work out anytime in the future.

We find much joy in providing these wonderful children with a puppy to help them through. Please contact us to inquire about a puppy for your child or to refer us to children you
know who might benefit from a puppy, at no cost to their family.

These puppies are not trained or certified...they are not Therapy Dogs. They are just sweet babies with a lot of unconditional love to offer. That in itself is very therapeutic for

email us or call us at 509-738-6792
Hello Donna,

It's been too long since we've written and I wanted to offer a testimonial
for your website and to share with your family.

Baylee is the most amazing dog in the whole wide world!  This little
puppy has been a godsend to our family, and especially to Olivia, our
youngest daughter.

I remember when she came available, and I had to frequently talk to
Donna about how we were going to manage a puppy since we were
completely new to this, and our daughter was very sick.   She was
immensely supportive, answered all of our questions, and with
incredible generosity, we got Baylee.  This was the BEST decision we
could've ever made!  Many times we wonder what it would be like if we
didn't have her.  And I won't say more, otherwise, I will get choked up.

Now for the good part.  Baylee is our therapy dog as well as our family
member.  Our youngest daughter, Olivia, has leukemia and Baylee just
knows when Olivia needs her!  We always bring her with us to
Children's Hospital whenever Olivia has to get her chemotherapy
treatment.  She waits in the car and when Olivia arrives the two of them
always snuggle for the drive home and it helps Olivia not think about
what she just went through.  She's the sweetest little thing ever and her
loving self is so healing.  These photos say it all!

Olivia is doing fantastic and we know our little fuzzy cutie pie is a big
reason why.

We will forever be grateful to Donna and her family for giving us Baylee!
Thank you and much love.

Cindy, Olivia, Abbey and Paul
Hi Donna,

I hope you and your
family are doing well!  
Just thought I'd send a
quick pic of Alan and
Hershey!  They've had a
great year together
already, and I want you to
know, again, how much
this amazing gift has

Dear Donna:

I want to pause from the hectic nature of life and say thank you for the Eskipoo puppy you gave to my
daughter Maya last January (2016).

Maya named him Gus (well, Augustus, but he goes by Gus). He has been such a great addition to our family.
He is Maya's new best friend, that is for sure. He gets along with our cats too, and is Mr. Social on walks in
the neighborhood. Everyone human and canine is a friend he has not yet met. There are stops we make on
walks so he can see his people/fans. Maya and I took him to puppy training classes when he was young for
his benefit as well as ours. It was good socialization for him too.

Maya had some health challenges this past year, not related to her CP, and I know she appreciated Gus's
company throughout. They are very in tune with each other, to the point where sometimes he would get sick
when she was sick, which was sweet, even though maybe not ideal.

Gus may not be a therapy dog per se, but his love is very therapeutic. The way he jumps up and down so
high when Maya comes home from school is adorable and heartwarming.

Please keep up this form of generosity if you at all can for other children, whether with cerebral palsy or
other health concerns. It really makes a difference.

I will attach a couple of pictures for you.
Thank you!
Hello! Wanted to send you an update on
Bandit and Colton! They are seriously
the best of friends! Colton is so
motivated to move and crawl, and
Bandit is so forgiving and gentle. No
matter what Colton does, he comes
back to play :) Bandit is just the best
temperament. We are visiting a friend
that was just diagnosed with stage 4
breast cancer that also spread to her
lymph nodes and bones, and Bandit is
just the sweetest. He is snuggly and a
ray of sunshine for her. She has wanted
a puppy so much to keep her company
and keep her active, and now wants a
puppy just like Bandit!

Thank you so much for your generosity.
Bandit has been a huge blessing for my
Merry Christmas! We are so grateful for the amazing gift you
gave our family and more specifically our daughter who has
Down Syndrome.  We named our puppy “Blue” and he is now 7
months old. He has completed puppy training and is turning into
a great dog. Everywhere we go people comment on how cute he
is and how well behaved he is. But, more important to us is that
he is a great friend to our daughter; she feeds him, cuddles him
and plays with him everyday. Thank you for letting us take home
such an amazing puppy.