Salsa is a sweet girl who loves to please. She is not willful
at all and has a very soft temperament...sometimes just a
bit timid. She is bouncy and cheerful.
Salsa has a beautiful litter of gold Schnoodle puppies born January 7, 2021.

She has 5 gold boys.

To purchase one of these puppies please place a deposit on our
Schnoodles are fun, intelligent little dogs. They get their comical
personality from the Schnauzer and intelligence and train-ability from
the Poodle. They do have a little terrier attitude at times too.
Schnoodles are completely non-shedding and great for people with
allergies. They are intelligent, loyal, wonderful little dogs.
These pups are from a previous litter. We put their pics here so you
can see what the current litter will look like in just a few weeks.
Olaf is the proud daddy! He is an intelligent guy just
loaded with personality...just like his dad, Rabadash.
This litter will be temperament
tested on February 25 and then
delivered to Spokane and
Issaquah on March 5, 2021