Sahara is expecting a litter
of Pomski-cockers in late
September, 2019.

Because these are
shedding dogs, they will be
discounted to $1200.
Pomski-cockers are a cross between a
Pomsky and an American Cocker Spaniel.
They are smart, cute, loyal, and they
shed like a normal dog.

Their tails are really cute curled up over
their backs.

A Pomsky is a mix between a Siberian
Husky and a Pomeranian, which are both
versions of Spitz. The mix makes them
the same size as Eskimos which are also
a Spitz, but brings in more colors as
American Eskimos are just white here in
the USA. In Europe, all the sizes of Spitz
are one breed, called German Spitz and
they come in all colors. There are 3 sizes
of them, much like here in the USA, but
here we call each size a different breed.

They mature between 12-18 lbs generally
with the occasional larger pup.
Sahara is a delightful Pomsky! She is outgoing and social, very
playful and bold. She is a great kid's dog and is always cheery, never
grumpy. Sahara loves everybody! She is not a barker at all. She
weighs 16 lbs.
Griffin is the sweet cuddly Dad.
He loves to play fetch. He
weighs 20 lbs.