Ruby has a beautiful litter of puppies born
14, 2019.

She has 2 red girls and 2 black girls along
with one red boy.

Ruby is an American Cocker
Spaniel/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cross.
Cockapoos have been a popular cross
between a poodle and a cocker spaniel
for many years. They are an intelligent,
loyal little dog with the bonus of
having hybrid vigor- that is, mixed
breed dogs are healthier because they
don't inherit most genetic problems of
either breed!
Ruby is the loving momma. She is
half American Cocker Spaniel and
half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Ruby weighs 20 lbs.
Loki is the proud
daddy. He is
such a cuddler.
He weighs 16
The puppies shown here are from a previous litter. We put their
pics up so you can see what the little darlings below will look like
in just a few weeks.
Boy above, girls below.