Pups at home
Hi Donna,
I’ve attached some pictures of Cooper.  He was born July 2005 by Mango/Spencer.  I prefer the “shagged” out look to the shaven face.  He gets so many
compliments when I take him out…many people refer to him as looking like “Fozzy” on The Muppets.  He is ultra friendly and very intelligent.  We have
“school time” and I use the clicker method to teach him new tricks, he will pick up a new trick on average 10 mins.  
Last weekend I brought him to the Pike Place Market and 5 people actually asked if they could snap a picture of him.  He definitely has a top dog personality,
constantly trying to test us to see how much he can get away with.  He just loves all people, but he’s not too big on other dogs, especially the larger breeds.  I
take bubble baths quite often and when he gets a chance, he’ll jump in there with me, without my consent!  He loves the water and I think mimics me as he just
lays down and lounges in the warm water!
Well there’s an update on Cooper!