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Hi Donna,

We named our Pomsky Olu which means friendly in
Hawaiian.  He's 6 months old and weighs 14 lbs.  Olu is
friendly, playful, energetic, intelligent, curious and loves to
eat everything.  He enjoys going to puppy daycare and
gives everyone kisses.  He acts like a cat sometimes and is
able to jump, likes to perch up high and look out the
window and also licks his paws. What I enjoy about him is
watching him get the zoomies and zip around the furniture
so fast.  It's also funny to see him walk on his back hind
legs like a ballerina. We really love having him in our family
and he brings us a lot of joy.  Thank you Donna for
breeding great puppies.


ps...I forgot to tell you that he is so alert.  Whenever birds
or an airplane flys, he looks up at the sky and watches it.

Pics at 7 months of age.
Dear Donna and family,
We wanted to give you all an update on
Kaiju, Sahara’s Blue Merle Boy. He has
been an amazing addition to our family.
He is sweet and crazy and everything
we could hope for in a puppy. He is
smart (sometimes too smart!) and  a
great big brother, and perfect little
brother. He loves his human sister and
is so excited when she wakes up in the
morning. His favorites things to do are
hiding in ‘caves’, chasing his little
brother, and cuddling with his human
Thank you for allowing us to adopt
such a special little boy!

- The Maccabee’s   (pics at 7 months of
Hi Donna,
Dash is doing well!  He's now 7
months and 9.5 lbs, and is the
friendliest little guy!  He loves all
people and other dogs, and has
become a bit of a celebrity in my
condo building as everyone
knows who he is and stops to
pet him when we are walking.  He
is pretty quiet - will bark when
he's playing sometimes (or when
the vacuum is running!), but I
never hear him aside from that.  
He did some hiking and camping
with me over the summer, and is
now getting used to the Portland
rainy season (hence why I
attached the photo with the rain
coat!).  I'm so happy with him -
he brings joy & love every day!

Thanks :)