I just wanted to give you an update on
my Eskipoo.   I  attached two pictures of
Tira I took yesterday.   It wasn't easy.  
She wanted to play and play and
play...forget about posing.  Well, as you
can see from her pictures, she's just as
adorable now as she was when we got
her.  She's about nine months old now
and is pretty much full grown.  She
weighs just about 12 lbs.  I don't how
many times people have commented
that Tira looks like a stuffed animal
that's come to life.  She's just a little
fluff ball (and you're right...no
Eskipoo References
Besides being adorable, she's so good and so much fun!  We are really enjoying her.   
She's extremely friendly, loves to play and loves to cuddle.   She's just the perfect little
dog!!  Thank you so much...we just love her!!!
I also wanted to mention to you the first time we brought Tira to the vet, the doctor
commented on how well she had been cared for. She had a clean bill of health from day
one which is apparently unusual.   He said most puppies he sees have worms, fleas or
parasites...but not Tira.  He told me to let you know you're doing a great job with raising
your puppies!!!
Thanks for everything!!!
Regards,  Carrie and family
Her name is Elkie, and she is quite possibly the best pet we have ever had (and we have had a number of dogs
and cats over the years).  From the moment we “received” her she has fit right in with whatever circumstance has
been presented.

For instance, when we first picked her up very late one dark and stormy evening (this after she had been brought
to us from over the mountains in what had to be a long and puzzling ride for a puppy having just been removed
from her family) we could not make it home that evening and had to stay in a hotel overnight.  We knew this
situation would be arising and had some apprehension about it, but Elkie behaved admirably.  Even though she
was with perfect strangers, she contented herself to be with us and, after frolicking around a bit, slept soundly
and without a peep in her crate. While some of this may have been that she was just tired from a long day of
travel, I am convinced a larger part of it comes from her basic character and native intelligence.

She loves people (children in particular), loves to travel, is comfortable around other animals and appears to be
smarter than many people I know.  She has an infectiously happy disposition that just flat makes us laugh some
times. While we had the usual puppy miss-steps in the beginning, she has proven to be very trainable and has
figured many things out on her own.

She is 8 months old now,  weighs 14 pounds, and is beautifully proportioned. Her longish, wavy coat is her most
distinctive feature and is so soft to the touch you do not think of it as hair. Feels more like silk, or even down, and
she is very pleasant to hold or have on your lap. There is very little  shedding.

The last pictures in the sequence below are the most current, taken just a few days ago.   As you can see, she has
had a “poodle cut” (about a month prior to these pictures), which came as a surprise to us after we asked to have
her trimmed at a kennel we use. While my wife likes her current look, I prefer the longer version, which has
proved to give her a more unique appearance. I cannot tell you how many people have stopped us to ask what
kind of dog she is, what’s her name, can I hold her, etc. Honestly, at times I have felt like just making little
business cards for her and handing them out.

Hope this information is useful to you. Thank you for Elkie.

Steve and Connie

Lopez Island, Wa
Hello Donna!

I wanted to let you know how very much we're enjoying the newest member of our
family.  Huckleberry Cutie Pie (our 5 year old helped name him, but we've
shortened it to Huckle!) is an absolute delight.  His sweet disposition and
eagerness to please are matched only by how ridiculously cute he is!  He just
turned 8 months, is about 14 pounds with perfect proportions.  He's cuddly, playful,
bright, enthusiastic but calm, and so easy to train.  I can not overstate how
sweet-natured he is.  

Huckle just adores all children, will happily and calmly endure very ardent hugging
from my little one, and does very well other dogs.  Whenever we have him out and
about, we're stopped and asked lots of questions, and it always ends with the
passerby petting him and being astonished by his crazy soft fur.  I know regular
brushing is recommended, but Huckle's fur doesn't seem to mat, tangle or shed.  
We've taken him for haircuts twice so far, and he looks great both with a long coat,
and clipped close.

I've attached two recent photos, neither of which really shows his tail which usually
curls around and touches his back.  I included the second photo so you could see
his size relative to my son on his bike.

You've done a beautiful job breeding this little guy, not just for his movie star good
looks ;-) but for his PERFECT disposition.

Thank you so much,
The Olson Family

p.s. please tell Briella how much I enjoyed her website!
This is
Sophie on a
boat in Lake
Chelan! She
enjoyed the
wind in her
face! Sophie
is a sweet
dog and she
enjoys her
new home
just as much
as her old
Malu. Malu is about 14 months old and weighs
about 11.5 pounds. Our kids absolutely love him,
and he has been a very easy puppy to train. He
was very easy to potty train and had just a
couple of accidents in the house before he got
the swing of things. His disposition is amazing.
He has the softest easy going personality of any
dog I have ever seen. His favorite thing to do is
cuddle and rest. We always get questions about
what kind of dog he is, because he is so cute.
The assistants at the vet office just love when he
comes to visit. He has been healthy right from
the beginning and has been a great addition to
our family. He travels with us, and prefers to be
right in the action!
Thank you for our great puppy Malu.
Hi Donna, it has been about
a year since we welcomed
our boy Chase into our
family and we wanted to give
you an update. He's doing
wonderfully, Coconut and
Tacu gave us such a great
addition. He is very smart
and loves anyone he comes
into contact with. He is on
the bigger side, I suppose
that's because he was the
first born. His coat is very
low shedding and his energy
level depends on who he is
hanging out with. Around my
husband and I his favorite
thing to do is snuggle and
relax, around my kids he
loves to play and run his
heart out. As you can see in
the pics his sable coloring
has definitely changed
throughout the year. We've
had no health problems with
him, thank you so much!!
Hi, Donna,

Don't know if you remember me-- I bought one of Flicka's pups
(lived in Coeur d'Alene and met you in Liberty Lake) almost a
year ago--you listed her as girl #3 and we named her Phoebe.  
She turned a year old Aug. 19. :) Just thought I'd update you on
her--we moved to Arizona last month, so we're in Fountain Hills
(near Scottsdale) and she's taken to it very well. She's usually in
the house, but when we have to leave her (and the goldendoodle)
outside, she doesn't like the heat and will actually go for a little
swim in the pool to cool herself down! It's adorable!! She's really
smart. Much smarter than the goldendoodle who is 4x her size
(she's 20 lbs)! So she's the boss and they're quite a pair. I pretty
much keep him around for her sake because she loves "sparring"
with him. When we took them to doggie day care while on a trip,
they said the little dogs didn't want to play with her like she
wanted, so they put her in with the big dogs and she was happy.
We really love her--she's our favorite, and I can't imagine any
other dog for us!!! She's so very affectionate, funny, CUTE and
soft. I will attach a couple of photos. I wonder if the other pups
from that litter are like her? She seems so unique! :) We shaved
her when we got here but normally we let her fur grow long.
Anyway, just wanted you to know how much we love her! :)

Blessings to you,


Just a quick hello and an

Miki was one of
Coconut/Tacu’s May 2011
puppies.  She is a
wonderful addition to our
family, which includes two
grown children who come
home every few months  
to cuddle and play with
her.  Miki is very smart
and she  loves to play
with dogs of all sizes.  

Best wishes for a happy
holiday season,

Cheryl and Ron
Hi Donna,

I just got back from Jade's 12-week puppy visit for her 12-week
boosters.  She is doing well at 8 pounds.  The vet was very
impressed with her health and her socialization.  She took your
info, as her dog is getting up in age and she was seriously
considering an Eskipoo, specifically from you, when the time
comes to bring another dog into the home.  She said she was
very well raised and loved her personality and friendliness.  

I have to echo her sentiments.  Jade is a wonderfully outgoing
little girl.  She has her puppy playfulness and craziness, but she
is a very gentle little girl.  She has not been exposed to other
dogs, except for our pom, Chika, as she has not completed her
vaccination series yet, but I am confident she will be as friendly
to them as she is to the people she meets.  She loves life.  I
think she would make an excellent therapy dog and may
consider that in the future.  

I just wanted to give you and update and let you know you can
use this as a reference if you would like.  You do a wonderul
job with your dogs and I would not hesitate recommending
your dogs to anyone.

Have a great day,

He has really become a wonderful little dog. He is a very
kind, loving and gentle little boy. Everyone loves him, from
the groomer to the vet. He came from a litter last year from
Seisha and Spencer. I was very worried about flying him
here to the Midwest. When we got to the airport he was
wagging his tail and just a lovable ball of fur. He has been a
wonderful addition to our family. Everywhere we go people
want to know what kind of dog he is and where we got him.
He’s happy to play with children and loves to play with other
dogs. He has a very calm demeanor and nothing upsets him.
He’s also happy just lounging on the couch. He doesn't shed.
All in all I have to say he’s the perfect little dog. Thanks so
much for giving us our Buster. Feel free to use this for a
reference on the website. I hope that all is going well.
the Trobec family
These are my perfect children :-)
I cannot tell you the joy and love they bring to our
home. In our area they have many " cousins" from
your home! Their sister "Maddi" from the same litter is
wonderful too! We have play dates, same wonderful
vet and groomer too.
So many wonderful stories to share about Clark and
Kodi, I will refrain as I know you must receive
Thank you,
Donna S.
Ebby is a happy 7 month old.  He just got his first hair cut
as we are going on our first summer camping trip. Thanks
for raising such a sweet dog, he fits great into our family.
Hi Donna-
Just want to share with
you how we just love
Teddy our Eskipoo!  He is
full of life and brings us
all so much joy.  He's
thriving and doing so
well in his new home. I
have him in training
classes that helps me and
him get off to the right
start. He is so smart it
does not take him long to
learn a command.  He
loves people and
everywhere we go he is
not shy and wants to say

Thought you'd enjoy this
Rayne and Tacu's pup.
If you may remember us, we received our dog Davi from you
last January.  I was the woman looking for a new service
puppy, because the standard poodle puppy obtained for that
purpose from another breeder had started to go blind.  We
chose Davi, whose mom is an American Eskimo and whose
dad is a miniature poodle.  You asked us to send you some
pictures of Davi when he turned one, and to let you know how
he is doing.

His health has been excellent from the start.  He is very active,
well-muscled, and alert.  He has reached a weight of just over
twenty pounds.  

As you can see, he remains pretty darn adorable -- almost too
adorable for a service dog in training, because so few people
can resist paying attention to him when we are out.  : )  
Somehow we manage, although I think his fans add a good
twenty minutes to our every trip to the store!  We have taken
some classes, and we train at least once a week in public.  
Soon we will be moving up to the next level with a trainer who
specializes in service dogs, because he is starting to be
mature enough to have some focus.  Service training is a very
long process, but Davi has a good future in this job, I feel

Davi is a curious, affectionate, sociable, confident, very smart,
bouncy little guy.  He has the poodle sense of humor, an
obsession with socks, can do a four foot standing jump
straight in the air, has a strong attachment to his humans,
could be rented out as a tiny backhoe he loves to dig so
much, is often courageous when it comes to the stress and
uncertainty of training in public, loves treats and petting but
hates to be brushed, and has finally learned (we hope) that
cats do not believe in BOUNCING as a form of positive social

We love him very much, if you hadn't guessed that yet.  : )

One picture is from late summer, when a single chick was
hatched by itself, and had to be kept in the house.  It imprinted
on Davi (hey, they are both orange/gold and fluffy), and would
race around its little fish tank brooder calling to him.  Davi
seemed both puzzled and embarrassed by its obsession at
times, but I would also catch him kind of leaning forehead to
forehead with the chick through the glass, both of them with
very relaxed body language, just hanging out.  The Chicken

The other two, which both show him sitting in his favorite spot
in the house, are more recent.  One is from mid-October, in
which he is completely shagged out, and totally overdue for a
hair-cut.  The second is from a few days ago, after the
groomer took him down to next to nothing.  I love the way he
looks either way, but since brushing is far from his favorite
thing, I guess short is the way to go!

Thank you for raising happy, healthy, well-bred, well-socialized
puppies.  We could not be more pleased with our Davi, and
have recommended you as a trustworthy breeder to the
numerous strangers who have fallen in love with him during
our service dog training outings.

Take care -- Diana and Mike
Hi Donna,
I hope this finds you all well.  I just wanted to drop a line to let you know Jade (Eskipoo) is
thriving.  We brought her home in May of 2013 when she came to live with us in Colorado.  
She is such a joy to have around.  She loves to play ball (constantly) so we got her an
automatic ball thrower for outside and she loves it (got the hang of it quickly, too, as you
might imagine).  I thought you might want to see a pic of her now.  We do keep her clipped
and she seems happier and cooler that way.  
Keep up the good work with your pups, you do a wonderful job.  I would recommend them to
anyone.  They are intelligent, well socialized, and healthy.
We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy, healthy New Year.

Have a great day,

Brenda and Bob
Thanks for raising this great He
loves everyone and everything
and people love him right back.
The first time our vet met
TeddE, he said, I think you got
the sweetest puppy ever!"

TeddE has become our family's
entertainment. He jumps right in
to the sprinklers, his kiddie pool
and life in general. He is cuddly
and sweet, but also loves to run,
fetch and race with our
grandsons. What joy this puppy
has brought to our family!

Hi Donna,
I meant to write this a couple of weeks ago but time got away
from me. We recently celebrated Brighton’s first birthday
and I thought it would be the perfect time to send you an
update on my favorite little Eskipoo. For reference, I believe
she was a Kenna/Tacu pup.
This has been quite the year for us! After spending some
time in Seattle, we made a move to Minneapolis, MN in June.
Brighton is thriving here! She loves the warm weather and
playing outside with all of her friends at the local dog parks.
She is such a sweetie and a social butterfly. We are
constantly making best friends everywhere we go. People
are always asking what breed she is and where I got her and
then are very disappointed when I say she came all the way
from Washington.
Brighton is a funny little thing with a LOT of personality. She
is incredibly willful and independent, and is always making
me laugh. She comes everywhere with me and is always up
for exploring and adventuring. For people looking for a great
apartment dog, Eskipoos are awesome! Brighton is about 12
pounds and is just the perfect size. Plus – very minimal
She really is the best little companion! Thank you so much!
Hi Donna, I want to tell
you how much I am in
love with Kiva, our
Eskipoo. He is a blessing
in my life. So affectionate
and so loving and so
willing to play and be
playful. He is a wonderful
wonderful dog...Feel free
to use me as a

Hi Donna - We think
Ozzie is amazing!  But
this was something so
unexpectedly wonderful,
that we wanted to share
it with you.

Al's dad is 89 years old
and we just flew him in to
stay for a couple of
weeks with us.  He is in
very poor health.  Ozzie
& Pops have bonded so
sweetly.  She instinctively
seems to know that he's
fragile, so she's very
careful and watchful of
him.  They are amazing to
watch together!  What a
tender and empathetic
little pup ...
I just wanted to let you know how
happy  I am I chose a puppy from
Misha and Octavious' liter! She is
the sweetest, loves to snuggle
and learns so fast! She couldn't
be an easier puppy. Such a
cuddly thing and always wants to
play with every dog she sees!
She was as healthy as could be
our first vet visit as well. You
were so accommodating to my
situation and made it work, and I
greatly appreciate that. You
couldn't have given me a better
(cuter) puppy!! Keep doing what
you're doing!

Hello Donna!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Tilly just turned
two years old this month!!!  Thank you for matching me up
with such a great pup!  We are best friends and spend tons of
time together.  Tilly is so friendly (and consistently gets more
likes on Facebook than any pic of me!!) My friends adore her;
she is such a love bug.  She enjoys paddle boarding, hikes,
running on the beach, swimming, playing catch, and visiting
her buddies at the park.  I socialize her quite a bit ever since
she was little, and she is outstanding with other dogs.

Tilly has never run away.  She is very loyal and close.  Every
time I put her leash on, I say "Collar" and she sits and tilts her
head up so I can get to her collar.  So, anytime I need her to
come to me, I say "collar."  Sometimes she is reluctant, but I
just point at her, and she waits for me to walk over (at the
beach/park/woods).  She is so well behaved.  

Attached are a few pictures for your reference page!
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
With love,
It is Clark and Kodi's 9th
birthday! They are the best
furry family ever.
Clark has his "eagle" and
Kodi has his red Clifford
Hope all is well with

I just love them so much.
Their understanding of
vocabulary is that of a 5
year old! They are so
smart. No kidding, I have
taught Clark the directions
of right or left when we
come to street changes. I
will ask, shall we go right
or left? He will look both
ways and then decide!
Both Kodi and Button
follow his lead. Clark would
have made an incredible
service dog, so intuitive!
Thank you for providing so
much joy in our life!
Donna and Mike