Pups at home
Hi Donna,
Saw your pictures of the new litter of cockapoos on your website!  Oh, they are so cute.  5 females!
Bet you will sell them quickly!
Attached are a couple of new pictures of Jango. He continues to get more lovable and adorable every day.  He has lots of fans...even the mail delivery lady
who came to the door today fell in love with him :) He loves to "go in the car" and people stop me and ask if they can pet him and what kind of dog he is -- he's
a real show stopper!  Of course, I always tell them where he came from and how they can get one too through your website.
Jango is really smart, too.  He quickly learned to do several tricks...sit, beg, shake hands, and lie down.  That always gets him some extra love:)   He also
socializes very well with other animals, children, and anyone who will pet him.  He really is a "pleaser" and we have enjoyed him more than you will ever know.
Thanks again for all you did to help us get him here in top condition.  I was a little skeptical about his coming from Washington State to Texas, but he never
missed a lick! I wish you the best with your new litter, and hope to hear from you soon.
Take care,
Hi Donna,
Glad you liked the pictures!  I would love for you to post his pictures and my
note on your website.  Please do.

I meant to tell you how much he loves to swim!  We have a pool and a large
pond on our property and he really likes to get in on the action!  He never
jumps in the pool unless we are in it and invite him.  But, he swims in the
pond "whenever he feels like it"!  

Hope you and your family are doing well.  I'll look forward to seeing Jango's
pictures on your reference page sometime:)
Take care,
Dear Donna and family,
Happy New Year! We wanted to send you our Christmas card- Charlie was
the star this year! We are all crazy about this dog. He has a mellow sweet
temperament as well. We just got back from a week with family and friends
in Portland and the Oregon coast. He was in 7 homes in 6 days and did
great. He is an easy car traveler as well. Thanks so much for breeding and
raising such a great pup! We love him! All the best to you and yours.
~Charlie's family.
Happy New Year, Donna!
Here are a couple of new pictures of Jango!  He is a year old now and the best
pet I have ever had!  He just gets smarter and sweeter every day.
You sure know how to breed and raise a good puppy!
Hope you and your family are having a good 2008.

I love my two boys Jupiter and Neptune so
Jupiter just turned a year old and his brother
Neptune is now 9 months old. They are
wonderful companion dogs and full of love to
give to their daddies. They have brought so
much to this home and affection beyond belief.
They love to be with us more than anything and
are so loyal. They love to roam the park and roll
in the green grass as it has cooled them during
this warm summer. We find it difficult to go to
work now days as we would spend all our days
with them if we could, it makes coming home
that much sweeter, though.. The delight on their
faces as we greet them is sheer joy. They both
love to eat and we spoil them with many good
treats. Jupie is weighing in at 28.5 and and Nep at
18.5, my little red head loves food.....

I would like to thank Donna Gates for being such
a wonderful breeder as we have two delightful
dogs from her. I highly recommend her dogs as
they have show quality about them, very regal
and proud. It is an honor to have met such a kind
person as Donna and amazing to work with as
she is really hands on, many accolades to you
and your family for raising such beautiful babies
before giving them to happy homes. I love you
Jupie and Nep always.
Philemon and Craig
Hi Donna and family,

Our dog, Chika, is one year old today! She is one
of the five puppies that Roxy & Baxter had last
September. We wanted to write to tell you how
much we love her and to share some recent
photos with you!
Chika is such a fun, sweet and cute dog. She has
quite a personality, which was clear from the
start! It really has been a blast playing with her
over the last ten months. She has tons of energy,
but she also knows when to chill out and relax.
She is a wonderful companion. We can't imagine
our family without her!

Take care,
Allison and Ignacio

Just wanted to drop you a line as I saw your pups on line...I
told my husband our next pup will be from you too and I love
the one that Licorice has right now...the black and white spot
little boy.  Oh my.  Good thing for me he is sold already!  I
would be too tempted.

Here is a picture of my sweet Bailey.  She is 2 1/2 now and is
a total mama's girl.  She does love her daddy and can't wait
for him to get home b/c he gets on the floor and plays rough
with her.  With me we mostly play ball or tug.  She loves her
"babies" where our cocker, Cece, she loves balls.  Bay is
smart tho...she will take the ball from Cece and hide it so Ce
has to play with her instead!!  They are quite the pair and
very bonded.  At grooming...the groomer has to let Cece out
of the cage when grooming Bailey so Ce can see
her...otherwise Cece howls the whole time!!  No separating

But when Bay is tired...she comes to mama and lays on my
lap or stomach (if I'm laying down) and falls to sleep.  Talk
about a cuddle bunny...this dog is IT.  I don't know if you
remember me or not, I'm sure you sell so many dogs over
the years.  I know Bays mama was Blackberry.

Anyhow, Bailey is a wonderful dog.  She goes out on photo
shoots with me...and when I'm home reading a book, she is
up on the back of the couch resting, as in this picture.  :)

Take care,
Hi, Donna!
I just wanted to write a quick note to let you know Jack is doing great!
He'll be nine months old in September and is definitely a member of our
family. He's a very happy, friendly, smart boy who wants to always be where
we are. He's very fun, emotive, social and downright adorable. It's really
funny: just seeing his cuteness has the ability to melt young girls and big
construction workers alike! Everyone loves him and asks us what kind of dog
he is. We always let people know where we got him. Jack is strong willed
sometimes and needs correction (the training tips on your website have been
very helpful for this), but we feel he's learning very well. One of his
favorite pastimes is playing fetch. He will "Go get the Chuck-it" and "Go
get the ball" on command. I'm amazed at how fast and agile he is. He also
knows: sit, stay, come, up, off, down, wait, let's go, me first, and dance
(360-twirl on his back legs). He loves playing in water, whether that's
playing in the hose, his water bowl, or swimming in the lake. I'll attach a
picture of Captain Jack on the boat to this email, along with a couple other
recent pictures. By the way, he doesn't seem to shed much at all--it seems
like he loses less hair than the rest of us! That is something I have really
appreciated about his breed.
We have been very happy with our puppy. Thank you for all you did to help us
pick the right puppy for us. I appreciate how much time you allowed us to
take when we were picking him out. We ended up taking home a different puppy
than we planned on from looking at the pictures because of the way he was so
social with us when we met the puppies in person. We couldn't be happier
with our choice. Thank you!
Best wishes,
Hello Donna
Just a quick note to say
we love our girl -
product of Licorice and
Baxter, BD Dec 6, 2015.
Our goal is to have her
work at the local senior
retirement facility. Her
trainer says she will be
perfect for this job.  
Thank you for our
happy, friendly puppy.

Good Afternoon Donna,
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much my family adores this puppy, and send you some pictures of her at 9 months old. Her
name is Arwyn, she seems to have topped off at 13 pounds, and is following in line with the levels of health expected for this cross
breed (aside from a slight underbite, haha).
Looking back at your descriptions of her temperament, she has certainly lived up the "bold" label. The trainer we have been working
with has described her as "a little bit too confident for her own good" because she doesn't walk, she prances. Half her time is spent
running amok and the other half is spent cuddling or looking out the window. Arwyn is such a pleasure to have as a part of our family,
Please feel free to use any of the pictures that I send here to help others get a sense of what a puppy might look like, I know it can be
hard to imagine at times.
Thank you,
I have a puppy from
Licorice and Baxter born
in April 2015. I absolutely
adore him and he is the
love of my life.
Hi Donna,
   Here is our sweet
Chase before & after his
grooming. We get so
many compliments
everywhere we go. The
Vet even said he's so
handsome and well
behaved dog that he can
be a Hollywood Star. His
color went from a light
gold to a reddish color.
We are so grateful for
finding you... because of
you we found our baby
Chase. Thank you and I
have been referring you a
lot so all your puppies
can find sweet loving