Ravenclaw is a very
devoted loyal poodle. She
is sweet and cuddly but
also loves to fetch. She
bounces! She weighs 16
Ravenclaw has a beautiful litter of Schnoodles born May
30, 2020.

These pups will be temperament tested on July 18 and
delivered on July 24.

To purchase one of Ravenclaw's puppies please place a
deposit on our Schnoodle Waitlist.
Schnoodles are fun, intelligent little dogs. They get
their comical personality from the Schnauzer and
intelligence and train-ability from the Poodle.
Schnoodles are completely non-shedding and great
for people with allergies. They are intelligent, loyal,
wonderful little dogs.
The puppies shown here are from a previous litter.
We put their pics up so you can see what the little
darlings belownew litter will look like in just a few
Olaf is a delightful,
comical dog. He loves
everyone and is just a
Boys above, girls below.