Pepper had a beautiful litter of Schnoodles born April 7, 2020.

This puppy, Greta, went to her new home at 8 weeks but since then
her new owner has had a medical crisis and needs to re-home her. If
you are interested in this puppy, I will get you in contact with her
current owner and she would have to be picked up in Pendelton, OR.
She is $1800.

She is well started on training and is a sweetheart of a pup. This is a
great opportunity for someone to get a pup much sooner than
otherwise would be possible.
Schnoodles are fun, intelligent little dogs. They get their comical
personality from the Schnauzer and intelligence and train-ability from
the Poodle. Schnoodles are completely non-shedding and great for
people with allergies. They are intelligent, loyal, wonderful little dogs.
Girl #3 is Available! She tested high in trust, low in dominance, did not startle to loud noises and had excellent eye contact when spoken to. This
puppy is bold and curious in a new environment, exploring freely. This little doll has no blemishes and is going to be a fantastic little friend.

Below are her pics from when she was 7 weeks of age.
Loki is such a loving miniature Poodle. He is always kind and gentle. He is
wonderful with children and other animals. He weighs 17 lbs.
Pepper is a loving, comical little Schnauzer.
She loves everyone and is very intelligent.
These 3 top pics are current.