Maple is expecting a beautiful litter of Miniature Poodles born in mid to
late January 2020.

We will be keeping the females but the males will be available.
Maple is an adorable little miniature poodle. She
weighs 12 lbs. This sweetie loves to cuddle. She
has a soft temperament and her puppies are
just as sweet as she is.
Loki is a gentle kind boy. He loves to cuddle
and will do so as long as allowed. Loki is
intelligent and very responsive. He is an easy to
live with dog. 16 lbs.
These puppies are from a previous litter but will give you a
We raise lovely
companion miniature
poodles who are
healthy, friendly, and
cheerful. The poodles
are our family's house
dogs and companions
on our ranch.
Poodles are such a
versatile dog...super
intelligent, yet cuddly
and devoted. They are
always non-shedding
and can be wonderful
for people with allergies.