Lilly is expecting a beautiful litter of  
Schnoodles in late June 2019.
Schnoodles are fun, intelligent little dogs. They get their
comical personality from the Schnauzer and intelligence and
train-ability from the Poodle. Schnoodles are completely
non-shedding and great for people with allergies. They are
intelligent, loyal, wonderful little dogs.
These pups are from a previous litter (not Lilly's) but we put
their pics here so you can see what the new litter will look like in
a few weeks. However, this is our first time breeding these 2
together so we really don't know what colors to expect. We are
hoping for some merles.
Lilly is the sweet momma. She is
devoted and very loving. She also
loves to play fetch. Lilly weighs 14
lbs. and is champion sired.
Olaf is just a riot...full of personality and fun.
He loves to play and cuddle. He weighs 25 lbs.