Baxter is the proud Daddy!  He is a wonderful,
intelligent, kind, outgoing boy who loves
Cockapoos have been a popular cross between a
poodle and a cocker spaniel for many years. They
are an intelligent, loyal little dog and are healthier
because they don't inherit most genetic problems
of either breed!
Mango is the fun loving mom.
She is very social and loves
everyone. She is also a great
cuddler. Mango weighs 18 lbs.
Lightening McQueen was born 3-26-2017. He
was sold as a young pup but was recently
returned to us because he gets extremely car
sick. He has a wonderful, laid back
temperament and loves to play. He is finished
with his puppy shots, has been to Puppy
Class, is housebroken when taken out
regularly, and loves children. He loves
everyone and is just the sweetest, most
cheerful boy you can imagine. His first family
is happy to chat with prospective buyers to
share what a great dog he is. They could not
keep him because they wanted to take him to
work every day and he is just miserable in
the car. They had him thoroughly checked
out by their vet and there is nothing wrong
with him...he just doesn't do well in a car at

He does still need to be neutered and to have
his Rabies shot. He weighs 18 lbs now and
should mature around 20-22 lbs. He is sold.