Licorice has a beautiful litter of Cockapoos born  May 1, 2019.

She has a spotted boy, a gold girl and a black girl.
Baxter is the proud Daddy!  He is a wonderful,
intelligent, kind, outgoing boy who loves
everyone. He weighs 30 lbs.
Licorice is a sweet girl. Her
temperament is soft, sensitive and
quiet with a lower energy level. She
loves to be a couch potato but also
plays well. She weighs 14 lbs.
Cockapoos have
been a popular
cross between a
poodle and a cocker
spaniel for many
years. They are an
intelligent, loyal little
dog with the bonus
of having hybrid
vigor- that is, mixed
breed dogs are
healthier because
they don't inherit
most genetic
problems of either
breed! Cockapoos
are low to non
shedding and make
wonderful family
These pups above are already with their new families but we put their
pics here so you can see what the current litter will look like in just a
few weeks. Please also see our
reference pages for pics of adults.
Boy above, girls below