These pups have been very well socialized. They get plenty of love and handling right from birth. Our puppies are guaranteed to
be healthy at the time of purchase.
Jipeeta is the devoted momma. She is a
total princess, adored by all!
Rabadash is the proud daddy! He is an intelligent
little guy just loaded with personality.
Jipeeta has a beautiful litter of boy
Schnoodles born February 10, 2017.

Boy #2 is still available and is discounted to

his sweet boy tested somewhat dominant
and i
s going to need a firm hand in training.
e will test you and if you are not firm, will
walk all over you. H
e takes after the terrier
quite a bit.
He is funny and full of playful
personality. In the right home, h
e will be just
Schnoodles are fun, intelligent little dogs.
They get their funny personality from the
Schnauzer and intelligence and train-ability
from the Poodle. Schnoodles are completely
non-shedding and great for people with
allergies. They are intelligent, loyal,
wonderful little dogs...and this litter is
absolutely adorable!
Boy #2 is named Conner. He now knows how to sleep in
a crate, walk on a leash, sit on command, and come
when called. This sweet boy loves to be worked with,
especially if cheese is involved!
He has completed his
puppy vaccination series.
He tested high in trust,
moderate in dominance (which means he will definitely
need a firm hand in training,) had excellent eye contact
when spoken to, and did not startle to loud noises. This
cutie was bold and curious when placed in a new
environment, exploring freely. He can be a bit vocal
when he wants something. He has no blemishes and is
going to be a wonderful little buddy.