Griffin is cuddly, sweet, silly, and often
clumsy. He is a delightful pup with all the
Cocker traits...sad eyes, loyal temperament,
devoted to his people.

When he is older he will produce some really
nice merle Cockapoos.
Griffin's genetic testing results. He is a carrier for PRA but will not pass the disease on to his puppies as long as the
female he is bred with does not also carry it. None of our female Poodles do. Griffen tested clear of any other issues.

Test                                                                                                          Interpretation        Test Date            

Degenerative Myelopathy                                                                         Normal (clear)        Oct. 19, 2017        
Exercise-Induced Collapse                                                                       Normal (clear)        Oct. 19, 2017        
Familial Nephropathy (Cocker Spaniel Type)                                            Normal (clear)        Oct. 19, 2017        
Glycogen Storage Disease VII, PFK Deficiency                                         Normal (clear)        Oct. 19, 2017        
Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration          Carrier                   Oct. 19, 2017