Eskipoo Waitlist
Name:                              Date of deposit:       Position/Litter:       Probable Choice:

1. Danielle Foust                  12-29-16                                              spotted pup only
2. Susan Martin                    7-28-18              1st pick Misha's       cream/gold & white
3. Friends of FSH Auction   11-22-18            2nd pick Misha's
4. Anne Bryan                      11-24-18            4th pick Misha's                                 
5. Veronica Zidarich             11-29-18            5th pick Misha's                          
Dogs expecting Eskipoos now:

1. Luna

Gestation is 2 months and the pups
go home at 2 months of age, so 4
months total from breeding until you
take your puppy home.
You can tell me your
preference for litter and I
will note that, but most
pups will be chosen
closer to 7 weeks of age.
As each litter is tested at
7 weeks of age, I will offer
pups to those who are
first in line, second in line,
and so on down the list.
When they have chosen a
puppy they will be
removed from the list.
When you are notified
about choosing a puppy,
you will have up to 24
hours to decide which
puppy you want or to
pass on the litter and wait
for the next one. You
cannot wait to decide until
after all of the litters have
turned 7 weeks because
that would take too long
to get puppies chosen. If
you have questions feel
free to ask!
Feel free to
email me more
info to add to
your name
here. Nothing
is set in stone
until you
choose your
pup at 7
weeks of age!
There are Eskipoo puppies available now. The families below are
waiting for their specific litter, color or timing. See the Available
Puppies page.
You place a deposit to get on this list. You are able to move ahead
of those waiting for a specific time or color, as puppies are available.