Do we dock tails?
and positive experiences with people. We do not believe that painful procedures that are
unnecessary, such as docking tails, cropping ears, or removing dewclaws help them
towards our goals for them.
The procedure to dock tails is terribly brutal. It is done when the puppies are 3-5 days of age
and are too young to have any medication to numb them. The tails (which include the spine)
and dewclaws are severed with a clamp and a pair of scissors, while the puppy is held
down. The puppy screams and struggles (as much as a newborn can) during this
procedure. The momma dog, though locked up away from the puppies, still can hear them
crying and is in a frenzy. After the entire litter is docked and put back with the mom, they
moan for 1-2 days.
We are convinced that the trauma endured by the puppies can sometimes actually alter their
personalities. We have also heard of cases where the tail stumps retain infection and cause
problems later in the dog's life.
In light of these things, our policy is to leave all body parts on puppies just as God made
Docking is a tradition that is fading in popularity all over the world. In Europe it is now illegal
and is considered mutilation.
Our puppies are just adorable with their cute little waggers on! And as grown dogs, they
look beautiful. The tails help dogs with expression of their emotions and also with balance.
Dew claws never cause a problem on the front legs and we have not had a litter with rear
dew claws in many years as we breed to avoid them.
If you must have a dog with a docked tail, your vet will do it in a humane fashion by numbing
the tail and/or dewclaws and having the puppy sleep through the procedure like any other
surgery. The vet can do it as young as 12 weeks, when the puppy is old enough to handle
anesthesia safely.
Please feel free to
contact us with any questions or comments on this policy.