Puppy Delivery
Day Instructions
Please email us to let us know you would like your puppy delivered. We will then email you the
details of the delivery.
We deliver to an easy-to-find location near Issaquah most of the time. The fee is $125.
We also deliver to Spokane and/or the Spokane Airport (GEG). The fee for that is $100.
Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver to the Seattle-Tacoma Airport.

Your puppy will have an ID band on its neck with your last name written on it so you can easily
identify which one is yours. Please double check the ID band to make sure you have the right
puppy! Make sure you get the health record from our delivery person for your pup as well.

Your puppy will be in a crate in the car.
 We do not allow puppies to touch the ground in public
places to avoid diseases, especially Parvo.
We are very cautious about public places with
puppies. Although your pup will have had its first shot, it could still get sick with any of several
deadly diseases. The puppy is not fully protected until it is 4 months old and has completed the
puppy vaccination series!!! That is very important to remember so you can protect your new
puppy. I never allow a puppy to touch the ground in a public place, like a park. So your puppy
will stay in the car until you pick it up.
Then if your puppy needs to go potty on the way home,
you should use a puppy pad or newspaper in a crate. Never use a parking lot, park, or a rest
stop...they are so full of diseases!!!
 Alternatively, you can put newspaper down in your trunk
and let the puppy potty there, while you watch. However, the pup cannot travel in the trunk.

We feed and recommend
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy Food (chicken and rice,) which you
can buy at PetSmart or Petco or many feed stores. You can also buy it on amazon.com for a
better price and have it delivered to your door! You should also get some canned dog food to
mix with the dry with a little warm water, once you get home. It doesn't matter which brand
canned food, as you are just using a bit of it to make a tasty gravy. You should not feed or water
the pup until you get home, or it will have to potty. Please DO NOT give it any people food
(except cheese) as it is too young and will get diarrhea.
It is nice to have a crate for the puppy to ride home in and to use for crate training at home. But
it can also ride on your lap just fine.

Please read our
New Puppy Information Page prior to your puppy’s arrival.
I look forward to hearing how you met your new baby! Congratulations! Please call or email me,
the same day, when you have your puppy safely in your arms, so I don't worry. :)

Thank you,
Donna Gates