If you currently place a deposit you will most likely receive your puppy
in the fall of 2021, though depending on litter sizes it could be sooner.
Cockapoo Waitlist
Moms with Cockapoos now:
1. Penny 3 boys, 4 girls
2. Churro 2 boys, 6 girls

Moms expecting Cockapoos:
1. Fuchsia (red pups) very pregnant
2. Truffles (gold pups) very pregnant
3. Fiona (chocolate, merle, black pups) pregnant
4. Coral (gold and red pups)

Moms expected to be bred for Cockapoos within the next 2 months:
1. Poppy (gold pups)
2. Ruby (red and black pups)
3. Calla (red and gold pups)

Gestation is 2 months and the pups go home at 2 months of age,
so 4 months total from breeding until you take your puppy home.
You can tell me your
preference for litter
and I will note that,
but most pups will be
chosen closer to 7
weeks of age.
As each litter is
temperament tested
at 7 weeks of age, I
will offer pups to
those who are first in
line, second in line,
and so on down the
list. When they have
chosen a puppy they
will be removed from
the list.
When you are
notified about
choosing a puppy,
you will have up to
24 hours to decide
which puppy you
want or to pass on
the litter and wait for
the next one. You
cannot wait to decide
until after all of the
litters have turned 7
weeks because that
would take too long
to get puppies
chosen. If you have
questions feel free to
Feel free to email me
more info to add to
your name here.
Nothing is set in
stone until you
actually choose your
pup at 7 weeks of
You place a deposit to get on this list. You can move ahead of those
waiting for a specific time, gender
, or color as puppies are available.
Litters are
named by
when they are
born, not when
they go home.
For example,
Spring litters
are born in the
spring but go
home 8 weeks
later, Summer
litters are born
in the summer
but might go
home in the
late summer or
even the fall,
depending on
when they are
Probable Choice
Ben Chung
Inactive list member
red girl. will notify me when ready for a
Toni Merrick                                  
Inactive list member
Will notify me when ready for a puppy.
Jennifer Smoak
Inactive list member
Will notify me when ready for a puppy. girl
William Jacobson
Inactive list member
Will notify me when ready for a puppy. girl
Tiff Bennet
possibly summer litters
1st generation American red boy only
Jazmine Okongo-Gwoke
summer 2021 litters
Prefer girl but ok with boy.
Meghan Maguire
Spring litters. ready for a pup April 17, 2021.
boy or girl. reddish gold only
Zoe King
ready for a puppy in August 2021
prefer boy, red. open to girl or gold.
definitely prefer red
Christy Legard
Spring litters. Ready for a puppy going
home in June.
family with 3 of our Cockapoos. prefer boy.
prefer red, brown or merle.
Cathy Wooten
waiting for Spring or Summer litters. Maybe
litters born in April
girl. dark red, merle. American Cockapoo
or Ruby's
CJ Carrier
Spring litters. Fuchsia's
prefer boy. red. non-shedding
Cutter Boit
Spring litters. Churro's litter
boy, cream, gold, red.
Amy and Jonny McCormick
Spring litters. ready in June
non-shedding (or Schnoodle)
Dave and Karen Bowen
10-13-20 (check sent)
Spring litters
boy or girl. black only.
Karen Cox
Spring litters. hoping for Fuchsia's
girl only. prefer curly. prefer red, brown,
tri-colored, blond (or Schnoodle)
Jill Kurfirst
Spring/summer litters
girl. prefer non-shedding (or Schnoodle)
Luft/Brown family
waiting for right timing (Fuchsia'a only)
Robert and Julie Sargent
spring or summer litters. Fiona's
prefer girl. anytime after Feb 2-15-21.
prefer black brown or red.
Rachel Webb
summer litters. hoping for Fuchsia's
boy. Therapeutic. non-dominant, laid back.
April Keener Walsh (Create. Wonder. Explore)
summer litters. ready mid April to June
prefer girl but open to boy. prefer merle
(or Eskipoo)
Grace Reiber
summer litters
boy. under 25 lbs, any color but white, laid
back personality. When their old dog
Rachel Paschane
4-25-18 (added here 12-29-20)
ready in fall of 2021 or spring of 2022
boy, good temperament, non-shedding
Lee and Stephanie Johnson
12-6-20 (added here 1-30-21)
summer litters
or Eskipoo
Cameron Griggs
summer litters
boy only. open to color
Gina Hall
Churro' litters
girl. gold, apricot
Cara Prediletto
possibly ready for summer litters. hoping
for Fuchsia's but open
prefer boy, prefer red or chocolate. prefer
smooth face. calm, sociable. Open to older
pup or adult of any smaller breed.
Suzanne Ladke
fall or winter litters (after Thanksgiving)
girl, gold, curly.
Emmett and Tracy Lane
summer or fall litters
Phil and Carol Smetheram
summer or fall litters
Teresa Sloan
summer or fall litters. Calla's litter only
girl. (they have a Calla baby already)
Andrei and Melissa Kreptul
boy. (they have a Salsa boy already)
Lisa Lovin
hoping for a late spring puppy
girl. cream, apricot, gold. mellow