Churro is expecting a beautiful litter of
Cockapoo puppies born in mid to late February

To purchase one of Churro's puppies please
place a deposit on our
Cockapoo Waitlist.
Cockapoos have been a popular cross between a poodle and a
cocker spaniel for many years. They are an intelligent, loyal little
dog with the bonus of having hybrid vigor- that is, mixed breed
dogs are healthier because they don't inherit most genetic
problems of either breed!
Loki is such a loving miniature Poodle. He is always kind and gentle. He is
wonderful with children and other animals. He weighs 17 lbs.
Churro is a sweet girl. She is very social and
friendly, loving everyone. Churro weighs 22 lbs.
The puppies shown here are from a
previous litter. We put their pics up
so you can see what the little
darlings below will look like in just a
few weeks.