How do I choose
my puppy?
Choosing a puppy to be committed to for the next 15 plus years can be a daunting
task! Often we are asked how one can choose a puppy successfully. Here are some
helpful tidbits of information.

We have very healthy dogs and do not breed any dog with a health issue. We have
been very successful in breeding healthy, balanced puppies. We socialize our pups
well, with handling by our children every day. From birth our puppies listen to
classical music to enhance their brain activity. We spend time with and talk to each
puppy daily and give them treats (cheese usually.) We let the moms wean the
puppies naturally at around 6-7 weeks of age, so that she has time to socialize them
to the world of the dog pack. We also keep the pups together until 8 weeks of age,
as they do a lot of socialization among themselves as well.

We do temperament testing between 6 and 7 weeks of age. This means we sit down
with each pup and run them through a variety of tests that help us to understand
what the pup's temperament is going to be naturally. These tests are quite accurate
most of the time and are good predictors of future temperament. We post each
puppy's results along with a current photo on our website, and then
chooses their pup in the same order in which they placed their deposits.
family has up to 24 hours to make their choice. If a family is not able to find a good
match in the litter they placed a deposit on, we can switch that deposit to another
current litter or a future litter. The deposits are
non-refundable but we do allow just
about any amount of switching around. We also welcome visitors out to our ranch
to visit with us, the pups, and the parents and to participate in the temperament
testing. You always have the right to switch to another puppy or another litter, even
up to the moment you actually receive your pup. You are not committed to any
particular puppy until you have seen him or her, held him or her, and know for sure
that you love him or her!

We cannot guarantee that we can provide you with the coat type or color of pup
you request, as those factors vary sometimes from litter to litter. We can guarantee
though, that we will provide you with a pup that is the breed and gender you want
within one year of your deposit date, or we will refund your deposit. Most of the
time you will get a pup from the litter you placed a deposit on, but animals are not
machines...they can be unpredictable. Sometimes a dog will not come into season
on the date we expect. Sometimes a dog that is bred during her season will not turn
out to be pregnant. Sometimes a dog will have all one gender when you wanted the
other gender. These things are outside of our control, though we do our best to
provide you with the perfect puppy for your family in a timely fashion.

We do require you to meet your puppy prior to making final payment so we are
unable to ship a pup to you sight unseen. You can come here to the ranch, or meet
us when we deliver to Seattle or Spokane. We are also happy to meet you at the
airport if you are flying in to pick up your puppy. The fees for delivery are $100 to
Spokane or the Spokane airport (GEG) and $125 to Seattle.

Our goal is always to place our puppies in committed, loving homes where they are
a good match for the family. If, for some reason, it does not work out with the
original family, we
always, always, always are willing to take the puppy or dog back
and do whatever is necessary to find the perfect home. Please do not ever take one
of our dogs to the pound or a rescue...please contact us first! We will help. We are
committed to our dogs for their entire lives.