Eskipoos are just wonderful little dogs! They are
super intelligent and responsive, learning
anything! They are kind and calm as well.

Eskipoo's tails are really cute curled up over their
backs. They have a lovely wavy low/ non-shedding
coat like a poodle. Great for allergies!
Cheetah has a beautiful litter of Eskipoos born
April 2, 2017.

All of these puppies are sold.
Cheetah is a darling Eskimo...very
intelligent and sweet.
These beautiful babies are
from a previous litter. We put
their pics here so you could
see what the new babies will
look like in just a few weeks.
Octavious is a ranch favorite. People that come out to
visit enjoy his friendly playful personality. He loves
going to the lake and swimming with the family. He will
play fetch until you are too tired to go on. He is a
great all around family friend.
Boy #2 is sold.
Congratulations to the
Brinkerhoff family!
tested high in trust, low in
dominance (though I
could see a bit of
willfulness in him,) did not
startle to loud noises and
had excellent eye contact
when spoken to. He loves
to give kisses. This puppy
is bold and curious in a
new environment,
exploring freely. He
weighed 4 lbs, 14 oz. He
has no blemishes and is
going to be a great little