These pups have been very well socialized. They get plenty of love and handling right from birth. Our puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.
Cinder is a Cockapoo born April 24, 2019. She is mostly
housebroken and just a sweetheart.
Cinder is still available! She is spayed, UTD on shots and
recently groomed. Cinder is $600 plus sales tax.
Cockapoos have been a popular cross between a poodle and a cocker
spaniel for many years. They are an intelligent, loyal little dog with the bonus
of having hybrid vigor- that is, mixed breed dogs are healthier because they
don't inherit most genetic problems of either breed!
Griffin is the sweet cuddly Dad.
He weighs 20 lbs.
Belle is the mom. She is
loving and super smart.
She weighs 15 lbs.
Girl #1 (Cinder) is Available! Cinder was returned to us by a family who couldn't handle
her. She is not willful but she can be possessive. You do need to be able to say NO and
give her a hard snap on the nose or jerk on the leash when she is naughty. She is
housebroken, very social and friendly, and loves to play with other dogs. She is still very
puppy-ish but the hard work is already done. Cinder is all finished with her puppy shots
and is spayed. Because of her first experience with a family I think she will do best in a
home without small children.
She tested high in trust, low in dominance, did not startle to loud noises and had
excellent eye contact when spoken to. This puppy is bold and curious in a new
environment, exploring freely. She loves to give kisses. This cutie has no blemishes and
is going to be a fantastic little friend.
Cinder's 7 week old pics below.