These pups have been very well socialized and get plenty of love and handling right from birth. Our puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.
Belle has a beautiful litter of Schnoodles born August 3, 2017.

They are always all black (some with a bit of white on the chest, chin
and feet) and should be 20+ lbs at maturity. These pups grow into
solid, good looking dogs with very stable temperaments.

All of these puppies are sold.
Rabadash is our beloved
Schnauzer boy. Everyone
loves him for his kind
gentle nature. He weighs
24 lbs.
Schnoodles are fun,
intelligent little dogs.
They get their comical
personality from the
Schnauzer and
intelligence and
train-ability from the
Poodle. Schnoodles are
completely non-shedding
and great for people with
allergies. They are
intelligent, loyal,
wonderful little
dogs...and this litter is
absolutely adorable!
Belle is a thoughtful, quiet,
cuddly girl. She can be
playful but mostly likes to be
a couch potato. She weighs
17 lbs.
These puppies are from Belle's
previous litters. We put their pics
here so you can see what the current
litter will look like in just a few weeks.