Miniature Poodles!
These pups have been very well socialized and get plenty of love and handling right from birth. Our puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase.
Belle is a thoughtful, quiet,
cuddly girl. She can be
playful but mostly likes to be
a couch potato. She weighs
17 lbs.
We raise lovely companion
miniature poodles who are
healthy, friendly, and cheerful.
The poodles are our family's
house dogs and companions on
our ranch.
Poodles are such a versatile
dog...super intelligent, yet cuddly
and devoted. They are always
non-shedding and can be
wonderful for people with
Belle has a litter of
purebred black poodles
born November 10, 2019.

All of these puppies are
Loki is a sweetheart and very intelligent. His
pups turn out just like him. He weighs 16 lbs.
Boy #2 is sold Congratulations to the Kolb family! He tested high in
trust, low in dominance, did not startle to loud noises and had
excellent eye contact when spoken to. This puppy is bold and
curious in a new environment, exploring freely. This pup has no
blemishes and is going to be a wonderful little companion.