Bailey is expecting a beautiful litter of gold
Eskipoo puppies born i
n early October, 2020.

To purchase one of B
ailey's puppies please
place a deposit on our
Eskipoo Waitlist.
Eskipoos are just delightful little dogs. They are super
responsive, learning anything! They are kind and
fun-loving as well but can be naughty, especially as
pups, because of their high intelligence.

We leave the tails long on all our puppies and Eskipoos'
tails are really cute curled up over their backs.

Eskipoos have a lovely wavy low/ non-shedding coat
like a poodle. Great for allergies!
These pups are well
socialized and get
plenty of love and
handling right from
birth. Our puppies
are guaranteed to
be healthy at the
time of purchase.
These pups above are already
with their new families, but we put
their pics here so you can see
what the current litter will look like
in just a few weeks. Please also
see our
reference pages for pics
of adults.
Bailey is a sweet little girl, friendly
and cheerful. She is very forward
in temperament. She is just
adorable! B
ailey weighs 18 lbs.
Loki is a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and is
very intelligent. His pups turn out just like him.
He weighs 16 lbs.