Adult Dogs
for Sale
Periodically we have some adult dogs available that are either being retired from our breeding
or re-homed after a failed placement. They are available to approved homes. We are
committed to all our dogs for life and will always take them back if they don't work out
. They always
go to their new homes for a month trial to make sure it is a good match. It is hard on adult dogs to
be re-homed and there is an adjustment period, but eventually, it is the best thing for them and their
new families!
Percy Jackson is a delightful little Eskipoo. He weighs 16 lbs. He is full of
love and cuddles. He is leary of strangers though and takes a few minutes
to warm up to them. He barks when anyone comes to the door. Percy is
well housebroken, neutered, and walks on a leash without pulling. He is
just over a year old. His coat is low shedding. This little cutie can be willful
on occasion so needs to go to a home with people who can be firm with
him, however once he recognizes that you are the pack leader, he is
trouble free. $600 to an approved home.