Adult Dogs
for Sale
Periodically we have some adult dogs available that are either being retired from our breeding program or re-homed after a
failed placement. They are available to approved homes. We are committed to all our dogs for life and will always take them
back if they don't work out. They always go to their new homes for a month trial to make sure it is a good match. It is hard on
adult dogs to be re-homed and there is an adjustment period, but eventually, it is the best thing for them and their new families!
Diego is an American Eskimo Dog. He is a year old and was going to be
our new stud but when we had his genetic testing done, he ended up
being a carrier for 2 diseases. He will not be affected himself, but his
puppies might. So now he is neutered and available to a pet home.
Diego is a real character! He loves his family and is always cheerful. He
knows how to sit, lie down, stand on his hind legs, walk on a leash without
pulling and jump through a hoop. He is so intelligent...he can learn new
tricks very quickly. He loves to be worked with.
Like many Eskimos, he is wary of strangers and will bark at first. Once he
becomes accustomed to the new people he is friendly and social. He is
not very vocal otherwise.
He has good house manners and is wonderful with children.  He is
housebroken and does not mark. He rides well in the car but if he is
nervous occasionally barfs.
Adult dogs sometimes have a difficult transition to a new home and his
new family will need to be patient and loving with him for the first month in
He weighs 17 lbs.    $400 to an approved home only.
Ebony is 6 years old, spayed, housebroken, walks nicely
on a leash, is wonderful with children and is just the
perfect lapdog. She is a Miniature Poodle and weighs 16
lbs. She is very devoted to her person but is friendly with
everyone. She is lower energy. She recently had a dental
done with some extractions but you do need to brush her
teeth regularly as she does not chew bones at all to clean
them. $500 to an approved home only.