Adult Dogs
for Sale
Periodically we have some adult dogs available that are either being retired from our breeding
program or re-homed after a failed placement. They are available to approved homes. We are
committed to all our dogs for life and will always take them back if they don't work out. They always
go to their new homes for a month trial to make sure it is a good match. It is hard on adult dogs to
be re-homed and there is an adjustment period, but eventually, it is the best thing for them and their
new families!
Marigold is in her new home now and we have high hopes that this will
be her forever home!

Marigold is a gold Eskipoo. She is 1 year old. She is spayed and utd on shots. Marigold is well
housebroken and has decent manners in the house, though she is such a goody hound that she will jump
on the table to get food if no one is watching (also into open garbage cans.) She loves to cuddle and
would be very happy on someone's lap for hours every day. She gets along well with dogs she knows but
can be snippy with unknown dogs...she is not aggressive, just afraid. Marigold will do best in a home
without small children as she can be a bit nervous around little ones. She also sometimes gets carried
away when playing and has scraped her teeth on skin, not from aggression but from youthful exuberance.
She is a sweet loving girl who is very affectionate. She loves to give kisses and will nudge and lick your
hand for more pets. Marigold is a low shedder, meaning she does shed some, but not a lot.
She walks nicely on a leash and sits on command. Most of the time when she rides in the car, she does
fine, but we have had the occasional vomit on curvy roads.
She is $1200 to an approved home only. Because she does have some issues (stated above) people
intereested in her will need to come out to the ranch to meet her in person. For the right person, she will
be a lovely companion. She really wants someone to be utterly devoted to.
Rosa is sale pending...

Rosa is a Miniature Poodle.
She is 6 years old, spayed,
and UTD on vaccinations.
Rosa is always happy,
always cuddly, perfect in the
house, and just an easy dog
to live with. She has never
met a stranger and loves
everyone. She sleeps in bed
with one of our children. She
walks well on a leash and
travels in the car with no
issues. She loves to swim
and has to wear a life jacket
because she goes out too far
following people. She is not
yappy and really has no
issues that I can think of
except that she is a bit
chubby and could use a
restrictive diet.
Rosa is $1000 to an approved
home only.