Adult Dogs
for Sale
Periodically we have some adult dogs that are retiring from our breeding program. They are
available to approved homes. We are committed to all our dogs for life and will always take them
back if they don't work out and they always go to their new homes for a month trial to make sure it
is a good match. It is hard on adult dogs to be re-homed and there is an adjustment period, but
eventually, it is the best thing for them and their new families!
Percy Jackson is a delightful little Eskipoo. He weighs 16 lbs. He is full of
love and cuddles. He is leary of strangers though and takes a few minutes
to warm up to them. He barks when anyone comes to the door. Percy is
well housebroken, neutered, and walks on a leash without pulling. He is
just over a year old. His coat is low shedding. This little cutie can be willful
on occasion so needs to go to a home with people who can be firm with
him, however once he recognizes that you are the pack leader, he is
trouble free. $600 to an approved home.
Toby is the sweetest, most cuddly American Eskimo boy you
can imagine. He has never met a stranger! He loves everyone
he meets. We raised him up with plans to use him as a stud
in our breeding program but he has trouble getting along
with other dogs and in our large pack, that just doesn't work.
Right now he is still intact and we will place him in either a
pet or breeding home. In spite of the fact that he struggles to
get along with dogs, he is safe with children, strangers,
livestock, etc. He has a delightful personality and is smart as
a whip. He lives to please his people. He is almost 1 year old.
Because he is intact, he is not reliable in the house and
needs to wear a belly band to prevent marking...if he were
neutered, that would stop.
$600 to an approved home only.