Adult Dogs
for Sale
Periodically we have some adult dogs available that are either being retired from our breeding program or re-homed after a failed placement. They
are available to approved homes. We are committed to all our dogs for life and will always take them back if they don't work out. They always go
to their new homes for a month trial to make sure it is a good match. It is hard on adult dogs to be re-homed and there is an adjustment period, but
eventually, it is the best thing for them and their new families!
Connor is sold. Congratulations to the Chittim

Connor is a 2 year old Schnoodle. He is well
housebroken and wonderful with family. He is very
affectionate and wants to please. Connor does bark
at strangers but gets over it when they come into
the house. Connor is a somewhat dominant male
dog and usually does better with female dogs,
though he loves to play with any other young dogs.
He just doesn't like to be challenged by another
Connor will need a family who can be firm with him
because of his dominant tendencies but with a
person who is his pack leader he is just a delightful
dog. He has great manners in the house. He is not
a needy dog and can entertain himself chewing on
a bone for hours, but also loves to cuddle and
sleep in people's beds with them. He also enjoys
exploring outside. He plays fetch and loves going
for walks. he is low energy in the house except for
when he is playing. His one bad habit is that if he is
left alone, loose in the house, sometimes he gets
bored and will jump up on a table or desk, take
things off, and chew them up. On the rare occasion
when it happens, it is very irritating to us so when
we leave the house, we lock him in the laundry
room. He weighs just over 20 lbs.
$800 to an approved home only.
Rudy is sold. Congratulations to the Ravikumar
Rudy the ADHD poodle is available to a very
active home with people who love to play fetch as
much as Rudy does. He is a cheery, friendly, busy
dog. He will cuddle for a few minutes but will play
fetch until he drops! He is a high energy poodle and
needs to be exercised hard one to two times per
day...20 minutes of fetching in the yard is perfect for
him. He has good house manners and loves everyone.
Rudy is one year old, neutered, and UTD on shots.