Cadoodles are a cross between a Collie and a Miniature Poodle.
They are smart, cute, loyal, and comical. Like many of our
Designer Dogs, 75% of the litter will be non-shedding and 25%
will be low-shedding. Their tails are really cute curled up over
their backs. These pups should mature around 45 lbs.

Both parents are genetically health tested to help ensure the
health of the puppies.
Athena is a full sized collie. She is intuitive, intelligent,
and loves to please. She is soft in temperament and
incredibly kind. Athena, like most collies, is very comical
and sounds like a bear when she plays.
She weighs 60 lbs.
Loki is a gentle kind boy. He loves to cuddle and will
do so as long as allowed. Loki is intelligent and very
responsive. He is an easy to live with dog. 16 lbs.
Athena is expecting her first litter of Cadoodles in November 2020.

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