Boy #3. He tested moderate to high in trust, low in dominance, did not startle to loud noises and had
excellent eye contact when spoken to. This puppy is hesitant at first when placed in a new environment
but after a few minutes he explores freely. He weighs 5 lbs, 9 oz. He has no blemishes and is going to be
a fantastic little friend.
Sallie is a 7 month old Schnoodle girl. She is
very social and friendly. She likes to play on
her own at times as well as cuddle, though
she excels at cuddling. She really enjoys
playing outside with other dogs. She was
returned to us because her previous
family's first dog was just not willing to
accept a new puppy (if the new family is
open to it, they would love to maintain
contact.) They did a great job with her and
she is well housebroken with fairly good
manners in the house. She still will get into
uncovered garbage or sneak something
really yummy off the edge of the table, as
any pup will. She can be vocal if she wants
something, usually in the morning when she
wants to go out. She barks when people
come to the door.
She is great with people and dogs, playing
with both. Sallie loves to fetch and play with
toys. She is just a sweet girl and all the hard
puppy work is finished. She is non-shedding.
She is spayed and UTD on vaccinations.